Washing Machine Service & Repairs

We approach washing machine repairs with extensive knowledge, friendly service and prompt, same day service. When you call Unit Washing Machine Service, you speak to a human, not a computer.

When it comes to washing machine repairs in Melbourne, we have 25 years of experience and are ready to service your machine today. We know your washing machine is a machine, but we're not.

Whether it's a top or front loader washing machine our qualified technicians offer a 12-month guarantee with all washing machine repairs in Melbourne. Our cost is competitive so your washing machine repairs won't cost the same as purchasing a new machine, in fact majority of the time it'll be much more economical for you to have your machine fixed with us.

We know best that with age, washing machines need to be repaired. Unit Washing Machine Service's comprehensive experience and understanding can inform you of the state of your washing machine. Whether it's an AEG or a Whirlpool, our knowledge covers all popular brands of washing machine.

We understand that washing machine repairs can be expensive but our objective is to fix your machine for the most cost effective price. For same day service in the across Melbourne and all your washing machine repairs, contact us today.



Washing Machine Care & Maintenance Tips

The following washing machine care and maintenance tips will help you get the most from your machine:
  1. Use the recommended amount of washing detergent/powder for each cycle with no bleach.
  2. Don't overload the machine with too many clothes.
  3. Make sure the load is balanced evenly.
  4. Check all pockets are empty and there are no loose items like coins or keys.
  5. Clean your washing machine every 6 months by running an empty cycle.


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